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About HippyTree:

We’re all friends here, so it’s okay to admit it: You’ve been living a double life. Think we wouldn’t figure it out? How naïve of you. You love the smell of the ocean, the challenge of waves! But also you dig pitting yourself against the rock side, allowing that immobile piece of earth to be your kindred spirit in the name of inner competition. Or something like that.

Thing is, HippyTree totally gets it. Proudly the original “surf and stone” active apparel brand, these guys know there’s plenty of overlap between the surfing and climbing communities. What you wear should reflect your lifestyle, and it’s never been easier – the styles and prints produced by HippyTree help you to telegraph your passion.

Those who spend time outdoors hold a special kinship to the environment, and the HippyTree team are committed to tempering their manufacturing impact on the everything that’s out there. That’s why eco-friendly materials and smarter development processes are the status quo, meaning the HippyTree logo not only marks a lover of the outdoors but a soul passionate to protect it. This is climbing gear and colorful active apparel, built for those who feel most at home in the great outdoors.