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About Hiking and Backpacking Socks:

My hiking socks are some the most comfortable sock puppets that I have ever owned. Plus, they are great for wearing on my feet. You know how sometimes the dryer will eat your socks, it’s actually the sock-monster, a transdimensional being that lives off of dryer lint. Last week he tried to steal a hiking sock from me so I did the only only thing I could; I dove head first into my front loader and chased that creature through time and space until he admitted defeat and traded me my sock back for a slightly damaged gameboy with a copy of Pokemon and two Magic The Gathering land cards.

Part of what makes hiking socks great is their use of wooly goodness. Wool is super great at keeping your feet warm and cozy and, most importantly for preventing blisters, dry. The best hiking socks are durable and tough against the elements while going easy on your feet by supplying adequate support and cushioning so you can focus on enjoying your hike instead of worrying about foot pain.