Hiking And Climbing Shorts

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About Hiking and Climbing Shorts:

Who needs pants, anyway? Not you, that’s for sure. And definitely not you while you’re trying to make some serious ups on the side of that mountain. I mean, can you imagine – you’re making a rapid ascent, killing it as per usual, and those pesky pants of yours catch a snag on some dumb rock. What a crummy thing to happen. A great way of avoiding this sort of debacle is just giving up pants altogether, or maybe just grabbing a premium, high-octane pair of hiking and climbing shorts.

Because really, freeing yourself up as much as possible while you’re out there doing your thing is ideal, isn’t it? And seeing as how hiking in your underwear just isn’t practical (or legal, probably) a great pair of shorts is your best bet. The best brands in the outdoor apparel business are in the mix up above, with features literally bursting from the seams of these beauties. Well, not literally, these shorts are made well and most definitely not falling apart. But they’re made of awesome stuff, like quick-drying, moisture wicking fabric that’ll ensure a little rain won’t end your parade.

Kick your climbing game up a notch, or two. Reclaim that agility and realize you’re not going to have some no-good rotten pair of unwieldy pants bringing you down. Because you don’t need no pants, you’re a strong, independent free-legged man/woman! Embrace a better way of clothing your bottom half and grab a pair of shorts from up above, making your hiking and climbing expeditions that much better.