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About Hiking and Climbing Shirts:

Sure, you can head out hiking and climbing wearing anything you’d like. Want to hit that ascent rocking a toga? Go ahead, Belushi. Feel like the entire mountainside needs to know your enthusiasm for professional hockey so you decide to rock full jersey? That’s your right, slapshot. Unfortunately, neither of these options, or many others for that matter, are going to be the best fit while you’re trying to give your all, and finding the right apparel for your outdoor adventures would be ideal. Luckily, selecting the best attire for your travels is easier than ever before with our hiking and climbing shirts collection.

There are a good many things to consider while you’re hanging off the side of a mountain (like, I do this for fun?) but whether or not you’re outfitted in the right clothes for the job should not be one of them. You’ll need a shirt that has the right amount of give and flexibility to ensure your maximum agility up there, and that’s just for starters. You shouldn’t have to cut a hiking trip short due to unfriendly elements, so throw in some quick drying and moisture wicking to that shirt to guarantee there are never any unwelcome stops along the way.

But just because you need to stay nimble out there doesn’t mean you need to stick to short-sleeve shirts. Embrace the cold weather with some long-sleeve action, covering up the guns while you conquer the trails ahead. There’s plenty of variety up there from some of your favorite outdoorsy brands, so preparing yourself for whatever is ahead has never been easier. Look good while you do your best work, and make sure you’re always ready and able. These hiking and climbing shirts are your perfect companion for a job (soon to be) well done.