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About Hestra:

Hestra has been an international leader in the happy hands club since 1936. For over eighty years the Magnusson family has been designing and developing high-quality gloves and mittens for outdoor and leisure activities in Hestra, Sweden. They take pride in selecting every material that goes into their world-renowned cold weather accessories such as deerskin from North America or elk leather from the Nordic.

Hestra's gloves and mitts are consistently named as some of the best in the snow gear industry, and it is easy to see why. With decades of expertise, they do not come to the table empty-handed when asked to craft for skiing or other outdoor activities like kayaking, biking and mountaineering. Their family creates hand protection gear for a variety of environments and needs. They know that what works for a freerider will not necessarily work for a holiday skier. No matter the demand, you can always count on the requisite features of some of the best gloves in the world: dexterous flexibility, durability, water-resistant, cold resistant, and removable washable liners. Additionally, the wrist leashes are remarkably comfortable and don't get in your way.

No longer are you forced to miss snowy days on the slopes due to cold hands. An investment in Hestra pays off season after season. Their gloves and mitts have become a mandatory winter accessory for skiers, snowboarders and even fashionistas around the world. As the Beatles once said, "Gloves is all you need" So give Hestra a hand, or two.