Heart Rate Monitors

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About Heart Rate Monitors:

The human heart beats over 100,000 times a day, but unless you are wearing a heart rate monitor then you may be missing out on beats without even knowing it. Furthermore, if you can’t keep track of your heartbeat then you may be a vampire, or a zombie and not even know it.

Heart rate monitors help you understand exactly how much stress you are putting on your body when you are exercising. If you’re working out in any capacity, especially doing heavy cardio like running or cycling you can improve your cardiovascular health by keeping an eye on your heart. I can’t wait until we live in a world where everyone wears a heart rate monitor, people will be healthier and it will be easy to pick up on the biometric signals that start to show when someone is attracted to you.

The only difficulty that a heart rate monitor presents is making sure you can tell the difference between the monitor and a watch, because if you get scared that you are going to miss your meeting the monitor is going to speed up and then you will think you are going to be really late… this cycle could continue till your heart reaches a dangerous number of beats per minute. Heart rate monitors, they’re not watches, but still really neat.