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About Headlamps:

Headlamps! What a concept. Taking the unbeatable power of lightweight LED, you’ve got yourself a waterproof headset that can put the light exactly where you need it to be. Worried that you won’t be able to finish setting up your campsite before nightfall? Oh, and that torrential downpour started, too? Not a worry. Even if – and we hope it doesn’t come to this – that downpour puts you underwater? Things can get a little out of hand in the backcountry, and you’re good for around 30 minutes with most waterproof headlamps.

With so many to choose from, it really is possible to get the best headlamp for the job. Want one with an incredible amount of lumen power to blast the path ahead with light? Prefer a headlamp that has different colored LEDs for premium night-vision? Rechargeable headlamps that give you the options of ditching traditional batteries? Go ahead and ditch the flashlights. Make your headlamp dreams come true. Night hiking will never be the same again – neither will late-night in-the-dark snack making.

Let’s face it: Those eyes of yours, they can only do so much. We’re mere human beings after all, and even life-changing surgeries like Lasik can’t give you that one thing you might be after – eyes that can see in the dark. That’d be pretty great, right? Unless you’re planning on adding a super power or two to your repertoire, you’re going to be sorely ill-equipped to handle low-light situations on your own. Trouble is, you’re bound to have your hands full while you’re full-on adventuring – climbing, mountaineering, even the all-too-real rigors of camping – and having some hands-free illumination could do you good.