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About Haul Bags for Climbing Gear:

Haul bags a.k.a. a lifesaver while scaling a big wall is one of the best investments you can make for your climbing game. More than a way to move your climbing equipment, these bad boys hold all the essentials such as food and water during multi-pitch routes. These haul bags are resilient and durable and stand up to even the worst rock friction and constant scraping.

Pile in your climbing gear, clothing and other essentials as these haul bags can handle some serious weight. Just make sure that you can easily carry it otherwise your ascent won't be so enjoyable. Some of the bags even feature holes at the bottom to allow water to drain which is an invaluable feature as it reduces the weight that you have to lug.

Comfortable to carry and easy to pack, the climbing haul bags found above won't let you down. They can even be used for activities outside of climbing such as traveling, commuting to work or even grocery shopping. You can rest assured that your gear bag will last for years and climbs to come. It's even checked luggage capable for when you finally decide to take on El Capitan.