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About Gregory Backpacks:

A definitive love for backpacks and insistence to provide a better product to consumers has been the driving force behind Gregory for decades now, with a special adherence to fit and overall comfort setting them, and you, ahead of the competition. Whether you need a pack for school, travel, hiking or work, Gregory is there to provide you with first-rate backpacks that actually fit you. Comfortable, breathable and durable, you will want to take your pack with you just about anywhere.

It all started with the Boy Scouts. Company founder Wayne Gregory built his first backpack as part of a project for his local Boy Scout troop, with the results catching the eye of a local business owner who would subsequently provide Wayne with the materials necessary to get future designs off the ground. For years, Wayne worked as a freelance designer, providing help to a multitude of outdoor specialty companies before finally getting back to his real love of backpack designing. Gregory Mountain Products was founded in San Diego in 1977, marking the start of the Gregory quest to build a better pack by immersing themselves in the outdoors world and grabbing guidance from the outdoor community.

Decades later, Gregory prides themselves on staying true to the facets that help build them into the company they are today. Pioneering firsts like manufacturing backpacks in different frame sizes and adjustable waistbelt systems has not only kept them notable but made it clear that they care about the people to which they're providing their best products. Today, the Gregory backpacks line is massive and expansive, with a litany of packs and luggage available with the needs of many in mind. Whether you're looking to gear up to spend the weekend hiking, preparing for a summer of backpacking or just trying to set course on your latest expedition, Gregory is ready to lend a hand along the way.



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