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About Gravel Bikes:

Gravel bikes, also known as adventure bikes or gravel crushers in many cases, allow you to ride just about anywhere. They can tackle pretty much any terrain with ease so you can explore to your heart’s content. Adaptable, versatile and rugged, you can commute to work, tour the Tarmac, and ride along bumpy gravel roads. How is this possible? It’s because of four key features: tires, built-in suspension systems, low gearing, and geometry.

Bicycle tires found on gravel bikes are wider with a faster tread and side knobs. These features lend themselves well for long distances rides with superior traction on mixed terrain and uneven surfaces. Take on sharp turns and corners with confidence knowing that you won’t wipe out as a result of slippery gravel or mud. Built-in suspension features are a popular feature whether they be active or passive. Strong yet flexible, they’re able to handle miles of bumps, cracks, and other obstacles.

A gravel bike’s low gearing assists with navigating long distances and off-road climbs with loads on it. Additionally, many of them include compact gearing and wide-range cassettes. Last but not least, it’s the geometry of a gravel cycle that provides a comfortable and stable riding experience. This is because the rider sits in a more upright position as a result of tall head tubes and low bottom brackets. Rather than pedaling hunched over, you’re able to ride in relaxed and confident in your control and pedaling. Riding a gravel bike is all about having fun and enjoying the scenery passing you. Whether you’re hurtling downhill or casually biking a trail, you’ll enjoy yourself every time you’re on this bike.

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