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About GPS Gear:

Sure, there are plenty of good theories floating around the office: High-octane paper lanterns, oversized bottle rockets and incredibly, incredibly resistant magnets. Truth is, we may never know exactly how those super powerful GPS satellites got up there, but at least we’re able to reap the sweet, sweet globally positioned rewards. Don’t know what we mean by that? Just check out some of the awesome beneficiaries of GPS technology up above, pretty incredible tech made possible thanks to those wonderful balls of wires and antennae in the sky.

A technology with the possibility to make a myriad of great products, our GPS selections can handle a number of different, pretty incredible tasks. For those keen on making their running game an integral part of their lives, our GPS watches tie in awesome position-tracking ability with a number of other worthy features, like heart rate monitoring, along with compasses and altimeters. Spend a lot of time out cycling and want to ensure you’re staying on the right track? The GPS packed into the above bike navigators mean you’ll have one kick ass way of directing yourself around town. Of course, you’ll still find a selection of handheld GPS units, built for those who fancy themselves on-foot explorers, or maybe those who like to do up a little geocaching with, you know, everything.

Maybe those scientists back then just found big strong men who can throw really, really far. Regardless if whether or not that theory completely ignores things like “physics” and “complete believability”, the tech we have above that takes advantage of that GPS technology is no joke. Get your jogging game on the right track, or make sure that motorcycle of yours never gets lost again, all thanks to those giant floating machines in the sky.