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About GORE Wear:

GORE is no stranger to making exceptional solutions for inclement weather. From their ubiquitous GORE-TEX membrane often used in rain gear, to the more recently developed WINDSTOPPER® membrane, they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, all the while providing excellent protection from the elements. GORE WEAR is the perfect answer for those less than sunny or downright drizzly days. Unfortunately, this means you can no longer use bad weather as an excuse to not go running.

The SHAKEDRY™ Stretch fabric from GORE WEAR is revolutionary. It combines all the benefits of a GORE-TEX rain jacket with the snug fit of a stretch fabric, making it ideal for biking or running. Because water beads up on the surface, you can literally shake the water off after you’re done. The jackets are ultra lightweight and super packable, so they won’t weigh you down on your morning run. And since the fabric is still windproof and breathable, you won’t get that clammy feeling if you start to work up a sweat. The integration of stretch allows for a closer fit, meaning you’ll be that much more sleek and aerodynamic while you’re cycling.

GORE WEAR offers of plenty of other apparel designed to keep you comfortable on or off your bike. Their naming system helps you choose the perfect jacket at a glance; R7 and C7 jackets are purpose-built for running and cycling, respectively, while lower numbers allow for a broader range of purpose and increased versatility. There are water repellent and totally windproof leg warmers, gloves, and vests featuring their WINDSTOPPER® membrane, along with fully waterproof pants and overshoes, so you can stay dry during a downpour. There are even cycling jerseys with detachable sleeves, perfect for showing off your muscles when it starts to get warmer during your ride. Plus, the majority of their gear features reflective accents, meaning you’ll be more visible in low-light situations, like the ones found on cloudy and rainy days.

Don’t let the weather stop you from getting outdoors. With GORE WEAR, you’re guaranteed to stay comfortable no matter the conditions.