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About GoPro Cameras and Mounts:

Always have your story told. No matter what direction your tale takes you, GoPro allows you to be the hero. Fit for amateurs and professionals alike, the super versatile GoPro series grants you the ability to forget the cameraman without forgetting a single moment.

The brainchild of an adventure-bound surfer in 2002, GoPro came into action to fill its creator's desire to document and share his radical wave rides, something that was previously impossible without the aid of a professional crew or expensive equipment. Quickly evolving from 35mm film cameras to full HD digital dynamos capable of 4K video, the GoPro series of cameras are no longer just for surfing-enthused would-be entrepreneurs.

Imagination fuels the GoPro, so hopefully yours is ready and willing. Want to mount your GoPro to your helmet as you rappel off the side of a giant rock face? Feel like jumping out of an airplane with your GoPro secure in a chest harness? Interested in capturing your latest attempt at that underwater basket weaving championship? GoPro has you covered, you rock-climbing, sky-diving, basket-weaving-enthusiast, you.

But don't think that GoPro is made solely for action sports and acts of reckless abandon. Let your inner Spielberg run wild, taking advantage of the GoPro's built-in slow motion features while controlling the action and calling the shots from your smartphone thanks to the GoPro app. And when you're done crafting your masterpiece, feel free to upload your blockbuster to the sprawling GoPro video community. Because GoPro isn't just about the story you can tell, but the story you can share.

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