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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Gobi Heat based?

Gobi Heat is a US-owned and US-based company that operates out of Severance, Colorado. Gobi Heat's headquarters, customer service, and manufacturing is all based out of Colorado as well.

How long does the Gobi Heat battery last?

The battery run-time will fluctuate based on the size of the product, how many heat zones the item has, and at what level heat the heat zones are set at. Gobi Heat gloves tend to have the smallest batteries and so will have only about 2 hours of runtime at their highest setting.
On the higher end, having the heat zones set to "Low" can have your battery running 10+ hours for a majority of their products.

How do I wash a Gobi Heat jacket?

The safest way to wash your Gobi Heat jacket is to disconnect the battery from the cable, close the cap on the cable and place the cable back in the zipped battery pocket. You can then wash and dry the jacket on a gentle cycle or let airdry.