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About Giro:

If you've spent any time looking around a bike shop or ski and snowboard shop, you've probably noticed how all the shops seem to carry Giro helmets. That's not by accident. It's simply because Giro makes some of the best head protection in the outdoor industry.

For you cycling gurus out there that are looking for a new helmet, you can't go wrong with one from Giro. They make some of the lightest, most aero-dynamic, and most importantly, safest helmets out there. Giro makes helmets for all cycling activities too. For you road cycling guys, there are super lightweight and comfy helmets for you. If you're into mountain biking, you can choose a helmet that covers your head and face for extra protection, or one to cover only the top and back of your head. For those die-hard bike commuters out there Giro makes a nice variety of urban helmets to help choose one based on your own personal style. Obviously, it's super important to keep your head safe, but there's no reason that you shouldn't look good while you ride. Giro makes some really cool helmets that solve that issue.

For you skiers and snowboarders out there, you probably already know how great Giro helmets are. Worn by a bunch of Olympic and World-Class Athletes, you for sure won't go wrong rocking a Giro helmet on the slopes. Although the snow is soft, what lies beneath the snow could be extremely hard and dangerous, so I always suggest wearing a helmet when taking to the slopes. Giro makes everything from Full-Face Helmets, for you big mountain folks, to head protection for the park and pipe. They even make super comfy helmets for those of you who are in to the more casual skiing and snowboarding scene. Also, remember that when snowboarding, it's super important to match your helmet to your bindings.