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About Gear Care and Maintenance:

The ideal solution to keep your gear looking like new is to use special waterproof and cleaning sprays. These washes and sprays provide the best rain and weather protection on the market. From hiking boots to tents, down jackets to raincoats, your gear will repel water without losing any breathability. Additional benefits include stain and mold prevention, color-fading protection, and shielding from harmful UV rays.

One of the most trusted names in the business, Nikwax, has created the most powerful, durable and affordable waterproofing spray. Not only is it easy to apply but it’s also environmentally-friendly so you don’t have to worry about any toxic runoffs. Nikwax has put a crazy amount of science into their waterproof spray and cleaning washes. When waterproofing fabrics, the spray fills fabric pores thus water can’t enter in. This is why you see droplets form instead of soak in.

Caring for your camping gear and sporting equipment extends their lifetime which saves you money in the long run. Improved durability means less stress on the fabrics and materials as they’re not being soaked through or saturated as deeply with dirt. Therefore, you won’t have to buy expensive gear as often. Proper proofing, maintenance and care breathe life back into your belongs. From snow and salt to puddles and wet grass, your shoes, clothing and gear will be able to hold up to it all, no matter the weather.