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About Garmin GPS and Fitness Devices:

Built to last. This adage doesn’t just describe the quality of the products at Garmin, but the company’s entire philosophy. Garmin leads the charge in the GPS industry, seeking to provide navigation solutions that are vital to those who are shrewd enough to use them. This is high quality and great value all in one.

While not first to market, Garmin made a splash when they hit the scene with one of the world’s first commercially available GPS receivers. Founded in 1989, rapid success was found by the mid-90s and on, fully capable of capitalizing on the growing navigation market. As the market has grown they’ve expanded in kind, with a wide range of products providing routing and course-planning solutions for professional and recreational use alike.

Ostensibly known for their automotive GPS systems, a commitment to diversify their line has provided the industry with an exciting number of innovative products. Wearable tech could be the next big thing, and Garmin has been hard at work at being ahead of the curve for years. These wrist-worn systems along with their handheld navigation solutions mean that you’ll know where you are, no matter where you find yourself.

Garmin prides themselves at being vertically-integrated, handling all manufacturing processes in house in order to stay true to their vision and exceed expectations. That’s the everyday mission here, and it plays hand in hand with their desire to provide you the best in terms of quality and design, be it a first-rate Garmin watch or anything else.