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About Indoor Bike Racks and Garage Organizers:

Garage organizers and indoor bike racks are an amazing solution when it comes to storing your bike in the offseason. Typically, they’re available in three styles: ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and freestanding. You also have the option of choosing horizontal or vertical hanging. As their names state, ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted racks get your bikes off the floor to provide more space in your garage. The downside is that they usually can hold less bikes than a freestanding one. You’re basically choosing between floor space and number of bikes needed for storage. Free-standing racks are perfect for renters because they do not need to be bolted or screwed into place. Plus, they’re cheaper than permanently mounted-solutions.

Take care of your bike when it’s not being used by storing it on a bike rack. This will prevent it from being continuously knocked over, scratched, getting beaten down by snow and rain, and even stolen. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your bike is safely stored on your garage bike rather than being chained outside. Bike storage can be tricky, especially if you do not own a garage or roomy shed. Thanks to durable steel construction and easy installation, these indoor bike racks and organizers make stashing your bicycle simple and straightforward.