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About Gaiters and Overboots:

Gaiters and overboots allow you to take the road less traveled because of high-quality, long-lasting, durable protection. From trail running to hiking and fishing to snowshoeing, gaiters offer the best in all-season performance, no matter your favorite activity. Straps, elastics and zippers are simple for easy on and off even while wearing gloves. They’re perfect for pairing with crampons thanks to abrasion-resistant materials. Waterproof, windproof and breathable, you’ll stay protected from the elements without feeling like your legs are trapped in a sauna. They’ll shield you from bugs, moisture, ice, rocks, dirt and whatever else you find yourself standing in.

One of the best traits of gaiters and overboots is how insanely versatile they are. Available in varying leg coverage, these gaiters are perfect for low top and calf-length boots and shoes. From lightweight protection for summer hiking to thick and burly for extreme winter conditions, this footwear protection opens up adventures that you previously had to avoid because of improper gear. Roomy enough for heavy-duty boots yet sturdy enough to stay in place even when rubbing against scree or branches, you won’t have to make continuous stops to adjust or clean out sediment and trash. Protect yourself from nasty rashes and scratches with a pair of award-winning gaiters or overboots.