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About Fleece Jackets and Coats Sale:

Listen, we all know it’s true. While we, as an outdoor goods company, must present a front of parity for the sake of being fair to the variety of apparel we carry, there is one jacket that is wildly superior to all the rest. The fleece jacket is the real deal, and it’s easy to see why – as versatile as it is trendy, these coats are a perfect addition on a mild day, or a great way to add some warmth as a layer to the rest of your outfit. The ideal all-year jacket and wouldn’t you know, we have a healthy assortment of them just above.

Here’s your best chance to beef up that fleece jacket collection without having to destroy your bank account in the process. Your favorite brands are all in the mix, with The North Face, Arcteryx, Patagonia and many others showing off some of the best jackets they have to offer, only at clearance prices. How did we get all of these great brands to offer such amazing prices, giving you the best fleece jackets sale around? Well, we can’t exactly say. Something about “top secret contracts” and “clandestine deal making.” Whatever that all means.

Point is, take a good look at all we have to offer up here. There’s a little something for everyone, with men, women and children all well represented up there (sorry, haven’t gotten around to adding any cat apparel to the sale pages yet). Whether you’re planning out your next snowboarding and skiing excursion, or just looking for some extra warmth you next time hiking, now you can get to it without shelling out too much cash. These sale prices are just right, so don’t count on any of this staying in stock too long. Once it’s gone it’s gone, and your chilly torso just wouldn’t forgive yourself if you passed on deals this good.