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About Flashlights:

Flashlights typically aren’t thought of as groundbreaking or innovative products. That is not the case with these high-performance flashlights. These are not the heavy, clunky torches with an on and off switch typically found in your grandparents’ garage. Sleek and powerful, they offer up to 45+ hours of burn time. Their convenient compact packages allow them to be securely clipped onto straps, attached to shoes, slipped into bags, plugged into USBs and so much more. These mini LED flashlights are perfect for backpacking, camping, walking the night, reading late into the night and so much more.

Safety is always a concern but with a weather-resistant flashlight, you can go for longer. You don’t have to sacrifice time spent on your favorite activities just because the day is darkening. An array of designs have made it possible for you to keep on going no matter what you’re up to. 3-in-1 flashlights keep you active with a lantern, flashlight and safety light. Multi-lights provide multiple points of clarity while strobe light effects give you full active visibility in low light situations. Super lightweight and incredibly powerful, there is a reason why these performance-driven flashlights are consistently found on “bestselling” lists.