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About Fjallraven Jackets:

In 1960, Ake Nordin, a teenager from Ornskoldsvik, invented a rucksack that carried all of his heavy gear but still sat comfortably on his back. From there, Fjallraven was founded. In the following years, what started as a one-off backpacking brand quickly turned into a full spectrum of trekking products. From sleeping bags and tents to jackets and pants, Fjallraven aimed to create functional, longlasting products that would keep your attention on your adventure rather than worrying about the gear. These days, Fjallraven is a leading brand when it comes to parkas, rain shells, and more.

Men and women can tackle the cold temperatures and snow in classics like the Yupik Parka, Barents Parka, and Singi Down Parka. Featured with all of the pockets you could ask for, ethically produced down, and removable fur around the hood, these babies keep you warm and stylish from the streets of Stockholm to the trails of the Abisko National Forest. On top of that Fjallraven’s G-1000 material is the standard on almost every jacket. G-1000 is a fabric made from polyester and cotton that, when waxed with Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax, adds a waterproofing coat on the jacket.

Speaking of waterproofing, classic rain jackets like the Bergtagen, Keb and Greenland Jacket keep you protected from light drizzles to torrential downpours. On top of that, Fjallraven is incredibly mindful of the footprint they are leaving which is why they’ve created the Eco-Shell line - a light, recycled polyester that still upholds the functionality and durability that Fjallraven stands for. Breathability and stretch allow you to stay comfortable while chasing down Sasquatch or simply standing still drinking a classy glass of OJ with ice cubes. Regardless of your adventure, this Swedish brand is ready to help you stay warm, dry and excited.