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About Five Ten:

Five Ten shoes are built with a comfortable climb in mind. Made for those who do by those who've done it, Five Ten exists to pump out high-octane climbing, hiking, biking and casual footwear and apparel for people that would rather not make do with 2nd place. And in case you're wondering, the company's name was born from the Yosemite decimal system which is a difficult rating method for rock climbs.

Five Ten's founder, Charles Cole sought to breathe new life into the climbing footwear category, taking traditional rubber climbing shoe designs and turning them on their head. With the arrival of his Stealth climbing rubber, Cole began producing his newly-minted Five Ten shoes for excited climbers and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, helping provide extra levels of performance to those who seek it most.

First produced to exist as a killer addition to any climber's wardrobe, the Five Ten line has expanded into a number of welcome territories, with adventurers of all types finding welcome function in their ever-expanding catalog. Five Ten footwear is made proudly for a variety of outdoor sports lovers, with mountain bikers, hikers, paddlers, and trail runners all reaping the benefits of quality Five Ten goods.

Rightly-famous climbing shoes sitting alongside sturdy boots made strong for the rigors of hiking and biking, along with casual shoes for carefree skateboarders. Seek a better performance and do it from the ground up - Five Ten has built their reputation on providing some of the best in activewear to those who refuse to settle for second-rate performance or footwear.

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