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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Watch

Vivoactive 3 Watch

$269.99 - $299.99
Garmin fenix 3 HR Watch
  • GREY

fenix 3 HR Watch

$550.00   $599.95
8% off
Garmin vivoactive HR Smartwatch

vivoactive HR Smartwatch

$199.00   $249.99
20% off
Garmin FR70
  • BLUE


Under Armour UA Band

Under Armour
UA Band

$84.99   $179.00
53% off
Garmin HRM-Tri


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About Fitness Trackers and Sport and Training Watches:

You ever stop to think that the man who invented the wristwatch imagined we’d be using watches to do more than tell time? Of course he did - the man was a visionary for crying out loud. Years upon years before the advent of lithium-ion technologies and waterproofing, this guy was out there dreaming the big dreams, knowing that one day man would match technical prowess to his innovative designs.

Sure, telling time is important, but you know what else is pretty great? Being able to track yourself with a globally positioned satellite from outer space. It’s thanks to this sort of amazing technology that you’re able to go on incredibly accurate trail runs, allowing yourself to train at a completely higher level than ever before. Maybe you’re just looking to set an everyday pedometer so you’re able to track steps throughout the day, ensuring you stay active while you’re doing your day-to-day business.

All that outstanding tech wouldn’t be particularly worthwhile if your watch can’t stand up to the elements, and that’s why all your choices above are built tough as hell, prepared to take a beating from whatever rain or sweat might come its way. No matter if you’re cycling through a snowstorm or hiking in tremendously cold weather – why you’d do this is completely beyond us – your fitness tracker or training watch will be in great shape, ready to track your activity and tell time. Isn’t that neat?

Come alive with the power of the sport and training watch – after all, it’s what the inventor of the wristwatch would have wanted. That man’s name? Albert Einstein.