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About Fishing:

I think there’s a clause in some ultimate “Guy Contract” that says when you turn 45, at some point in your life thereafter you’re going to become obsessed with fishing. This is just from what I’ve observed, but I could be totally wrong.

Well, fishing is a past time and I can totally see why people love it so much. Chilling by the edge of the water, listening to some classic rock tunes, holding a rod, waiting hours for it to move -- complete bliss. But in order to enjoy all the true comforts though, you need to be fully prepared. You need quality fishing gear to keep you dry, which includes top notch fishing outerwear or waders. All the professional fishermen wear quality gear, so you should get some too with Moosejaw, that way you can be apart of the coolest clique around. And of course, you need all the quality fishing packs to keep all of your equipment safe and secure.

I went fishing once without any of this stuff and didn’t catch any fish; obviously, it was because I didn’t have any of this stuff, not because there hasn’t been fish in that lake for 50 years. Seriously, I have lake nearby that hasn’t seen a fish in 50 years. I like driving past it and seeing all the people in their fishing outerwear and waders, chilling by the water, waiting for a fish to bite. Unfortunately I always laugh, because like I said before, there hasn’t been a fish in that lake for 50 years. Luca Brasi from “The Godfather” could be there, though.