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About Outdoor First Aid:

Be careful out there. That should about cover it, right? Alright, great.

Oh, except it probably doesn’t. Accidents, you know, they happen on a pretty consistent basis, and you never know where your next expedition will take you. Well, maybe you actually do know where your expedition leads (it is your expedition, after all) but trouble seems to creep up when you least expect it. With that in mind, we’ve culled together this collection of outdoor first aid, giving you a “leg up” in case you happen to do something awful to your leg, or any other vulnerable part of your body. Which is every part, but we’re totally not into scare tactics over here. Totally.

There is plenty to prepare for. Whether you’re backpacking through trails unknown or doing a little adventure racing around some well-worn trails, you’ll want to ensure any possible injury or ailment can be handled on the go. But it’s not all dreary accident protection over here – you’ll find a number of tools made to make your outdoor experience better and more comfortable. Keep your digits warm with some hand warmers and toe warmers, an easy fix for some mid-hike chills. There’s plenty up there to handle abrasions and bites, or plentiful gauze and even emergency splints. Which we hope you’ll never, ever have to use, but if you had to, wouldn’t you be glad you were prepared?

Buy up what you need piece by piece, or you could grab one of our handy first aid kits. Afraid of it getting ruined in a surprise downpour or an accidental “man overboard” situation? Ultralight and watertight is how these things roll. Don’t let injury get in the way of journey when it never has to. Head out there prepared, refusing to give it another thought – and hopefully letting nothing happen to that “leg up” leg of yours.