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About Men's Filson Jackets:

Reliability? Filson is all about reliability. Why else would some of their best jackets stick to the same 100-year old patents? No, not a result of laziness or lack of creative direction – when you find something that works you stick to it. Filson wants to prepare you for outdoor adventure, and as the seasons change and opportunity begins to strike there’s no sense in being sidelined. Classic reliability, like only Filson knows how.

Look striking and rugged, even while you’re comfortable as can be. These men’s jackets weave in powerful weather-proofing into traditional design, making a water-repellent solution something to celebrate. Abrasion-resistant and full of flexibility, be ready to take on…well, whatever it is you do out there.

It’s that classic, timeless look, and you can be sure it’ll add some welcome handsome to your wardrobe. Stay warm if you need it with tried-and-true insulation, or step into spring with a lighter, versatile jacket. No matter what’s on the schedule, Filson has got your back. Almost literally, actually: Their jacket will be on your back, and isn’t that neat.