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About Filson Luggage and Duffel Bags:

In search of the perfect gift for that manly-man in your life? Are you that manly-man? Filson’s line of first-class duffel bags, backpacks, and travel bags are the perfect companion for those looking to vitalize their portable storage with some macho power, making it easier than ever to head out into that warm spring weather with nary a care in the world. In the world.

Get a leg up on travel. Filson crafts killer rolling duffle bags, built extra tough to ensure your gear stays in one piece. We’re talking water-resistance here, so unexpected spring showers won’t catch you off guard. Being lightweight is important, as the last thing you need is to stress over any extra heft. There are travel bags with wheels after all, so it’s no problem at all making life a little easier while hauling all that gear.

If you're rocking that white collar job but still feel the need to go with that blue collar look, check out some of the Filson briefcases or totes. Much more than your traditional, boring briefcases or office bound accessories, throw some much needed ruggedness into your 9-to-5 lifestyle. This is classic style, with a welcome helping of durability.

Traveling can not only take a major toll on yourself, but the bags you take with you, so going with a new, fearless bag from Filson should fit the bill quite nicely. Steadfast in their use of only the finest materials, the Filson team proudly assembles all of their products at home in the USA. In an age of companies selling-out to market the coolest, newest, and fanciest products available, Filson has stayed true to their roots. This is famously stubborn, rugged, bearded-man-building-a-log-cabin-with-trees-he-chopped-down-himself style, all courtesy from your friends at Filson.