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About Filson Backpacks:

What’s with brands these days, always spouting off about heritage? Touting their decade-and-a-half long “legacy” as it speaks to the fact that they have some sort of tradition in manufacturing – whatever that means. All those lesser outdoor goods companies have nothing on Filson. Manufacturing first-class outerwear and cold weather accessories for well over a century, it could be safe to say they know what they’re doing. Filson operates by blending their classic design with a touch of modern ingenuity, and in this case it gives you a collection of top-notch backpacks that are rugged daypacks with a healthy splash of handsome.

Forget what you know about traditional backpacks. Eager to add a new pack to your gear but not incredibly fond of that customary pack look? Call it old school, call it a throwback, or maybe just call it unbroken. The Filson look is a killer complement to any refined man’s collection, with a classic - but not outdated – look that speaks to the distinguished nature of the person wearing it.

Lest you think that a classic backpack means less features, Filson has given a number of reasons to be plenty impressed. Water resistant fabric helps to keep any of that precious gear of yours from being agitated, with a multitude of pockets and compartments so everything is in its right place. Whether you’re bound for the boardroom or keen to break out into gorgeous spring weather, the Filson brand gives you a look and build quality that works across activities and perfectly speaks to its quality.