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About Filson:

For well over a century, Filson has been hand-crafting the most ruggedly handsome apparel and accessories, built for those who treat the outdoors as their second-home. Made to proudly stand up against the harshest of conditions, Filson creates their clothing and gear with only the finest wools, toughest cottons, and premium leathers.

Filson got their started all the way back in 1897, a small outfitting store that worked to help equip gold miners for their rough adventures. You know, gold miners, a pretty decent example of real men, not the airbrushed pretty boys you’d find in GQ Magazine. We’re talking the kind of man that pans for gold in frozen streams with weather-worn beards, uses a pick axe to carve out an entire side of a mountain. It’s these brand of men Filson makes their clothing for today. Men who drink their bourbon neat, only to chase it with more bourbon.

Some have called Filson stubborn, we like to think they’re persistent. “Decisive stubbornness” might as well exist on the company’s masthead. Filson has always done things their way, and even since the 1800's not much has changed. With a sturdy resistance to make their products the easy or the cheap way, their selections are proudly made tough in the USA - tough enough that it might take time to break in, but tough enough to last nearly forever. This is why Filson guarantees their products for a lifetime.

Other companies may send production overseas or use cost-cutting technology in the production of the fabrics of their products. Not Filson. If you're looking for tough goods built to last a lifetime, scroll back up the page. Check out Filson bags built with the best materials, watches constructed with highest attention to detail, and jackets assembled in a way that can be called nothing short of stubbornly perfect: The Filson way.

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