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About Fat Tire Bikes:

Do you want to extend your riding season this year? A fat tire bike is a perfect choice for you. At first glance, fat tire bikes have a bizarre, almost alien-like appearance. Their tires are...well, fat. This key characteristic provides unprecedented traction on virtually any type of terrain. From sand to snow and slippery rocks to muddy trails, these bicycles will take you anywhere your heart desires.

Don’t let the weather scare you away from your training routine. A fat tire bike is designed to add extra surface contact by floating on low pressure that is cumulated from the rider and the bike itself. This results in better balance for the rider. anti-slip grip and zero sinkage on soft surfaces. Plus, these cycles have more weight than a regular mountain bike making them much more stable in heavy winds. As if it couldn’t get any better, there is little maintenance required. There aren’t a ton of bike components in the frame and usually come in in one-speed thus not that many parts will need to be replaced.

People unfamiliar with fat tire bikes might question why you need all that rubber. It’s not about speed or performance. These bikes are for enjoying the ride in comfort. They allow you to gain new perspectives and memorable views. You can haul your gear for bikepacking trips and explore forgotten trails. No longer will you need to lock your bike up and walk the rest of the way on foot. They’re perfect for everyone from novice riders to cycling addicts. With a fat tire bike on-hand, you’ll get an excellent workout while relishing the scenery around you.

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