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About Exped

Exped is a Swiss-based brand that began making tents back in 1997, and since then, they've been making various products to ensure safe and comfortable overnight outdoor experiences. Their products are totally perfect for the heavy-duty outdoor enthusiasts, who explore the world's highest peaks, and they're also ideal products for the average trekkers and campers. In 2000, Exped introduced the first truly waterproof sleeping bag to the world, which has become a widely popular sleeping bag used by outdoor adventurists all over. Today, Exped makes all kinds of sleeping bags, sleeping pads, mats, and tents. Needless to say, they've established themselves quite well. They test their products in the lab, with scientists is fancy white coats, as well as in the outdoors, so that way they're for sure made to use wherever and whatever the weather may be like. This one guy at the office just randomly yelled "woo-hoo" really loud. I wonder if he just found out his girlfriend bought him an Exped tent for his next camping trip. Or maybe he's just happy that someone brought donuts to work today. He really loves donuts.

Exped tents come in a variety of styles, whether you need a tropical weather tent for those warm summer nights, or a cold-weather tent capable of handling demanding cold-weather camping trips. Their tents feature ridge tunnel designs, ripstop nylon walls, and are easy to set up and use. Exped mats feature down insulation, which reduces heat loss, and an integrated pump for quick and easy inflation that lets you set up your 4-season sleeping pad in no time. Exped sleeping bags are waterproof, durable, and lightweight, allowing for a comfortable nights sleep. Actually, Exped even makes the Wallcreeper, which is a wearable sleeping bag, perfect for use as a sleeping bag or a blanket during cold nights. Plus, you could totally wear it to the next Halloween party you go to and tell people you're a human sleeping bag.