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About ExOfficio:

The world is a pretty amazing place, you guys. And you should be able to experience all of it! Traveling from coast to coast, getting your jet set lifestyle on or maybe you’re just content to rediscover the outdoor wonderland of your own backyard. The fact of the matter is you should be able to do all of this without stopping for a single second to ensure your wardrobe is up to the task. Get into garments that are made better, made with your ambition in mind.

Live lightweight, live better. That’s the kinda-mantra out of ExOfficio, making high quality apparel built best for active adventurers who have more important things to worry about than comfort. Things like is this new hair gel working or did I leave my DVR on at home. Get out there and focus on the there - and embrace the chance to look great while you do just that.

Underwear isn’t important. Wait, it’s totally important, and grabbing the right goods that keep you feeling comfy can do a lot to set you at ease. That’s why ExOfficio is so well known for their quality under-duds – made of quality fabric keen on that extra stretch, it’ll always wear well, no matter what you’re up to. And although quality boxers and briefs lead the charge, the rest of the ExOfficio line is just as noteworthy. Casual, comfortable pants pairing well with light, breathable tops – it’s like they actually listened to us go-getters for a change.