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About Evil Bikes:

#BleedBlackDieEvil is the name of the game for Washington based, mountain bike company, Evil. Full customization. Palmela Handerson grips. The Black Collars. Chances are if you hopped on a bike named Wreckoning, you’d feel just as badass as their pro riders.

Evil may crack a lot of jokes to their product names and descriptions but they don’t joke around when it gets down to the specs. Evil offers a full suspension kit fit for a king (or queen) with DELTA; created by Dave Weagle, a legendary engineer who reinvented suspension within the bike industry. However, within DELTA lies the heart of customization.

The Flip Chip. This piece of technology allows the rider to transform their agile bike into the beast of all trails by a simple flip. This keeps the bottom bracket low to the ground so that you keep your center of gravity stable while defying gravity at the same time. To make sure you’ve got the ultimate downhill mountain bike, 29ers were standardized in all Evil bikes (with the exception of the Insurgent) to make obstacles such as trees and rocks easier to face so that you can bask in the experience instead.

With a bad-boy feel, sleek look, and a unique suspension kit, Evil hits the nail on the head when it comes to building a bike that fits the rider like a glove. So what makes the brand so tall, dark and handsome? Evil is rider owned and operated by The Black Collars - a group of guys who have a passion for riding hard and competing harder but also work that 9-5 gig. They’re honest about their products and they have fun with it. I mean, who else could you see making mountain bikes like Wreckoning and Offering in color choices of Black Out Drunk and My Boy Blue?