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About Enve:

Enve bicycle wheels and components need little introduction. Located in Utah, their products are designed and manufactured in the United States. This is not simply out of patriotism. It is also so that they can oversee the entire process to ensure that only the best are sent out to their customers. You get everything you could possibly ask for and then some. Their wheelsets are renowned for being incredibly strong yet lightweight. They are stiff and extremely aerodynamic. Superb braking in both wet and dry environments only adds to Enve’s first-class reputation.

Enve, pronounced en-vee, is worth the price. Their bike parts and accessories are an investment in your performance and riding future. You can see and feel the quality by simply taking them out of the box. Their carbon wheels are quiet, responsive, and are practically immune to crosswinds. As a result, you’ll get minimum drag and maximum speed. Front and rear-specific rims refuse to fail as a result of the innovative, high-temperature resin they are constructed from. Tubeless compatibility and a variety of tire types, brakes, and hubs only add to their unmatched versatility.

World championship teams and first-class athletes are sponsored by Enve and for good season. Their designs partner with scientists and Formula One aerodynamicists for optimal performance. Their bike wheels are some of the fastest ever tested and perform beautifully in a variety of conditions. From climbing mountains to wet descents, strong crosswinds to rough lanes, you’ll get consistent unbridled speed and agility. You can never go wrong with their wheelsets and other bike components. Try them out for yourself and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. After one ride, you’ll be spoiled by Enve’s unique feel and powerful performance.