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About Endura Cycling Apparel:

With a name like Endura, the expectations come built in. But a moniker born from endurance doesn't simply mean these threads will support you all throughout your journey. This is heavy duty apparel that doesn't know how to quit, built by a team that understands the importance of longevity and utility while you're getting work done.

Founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in the early 90's, Endura came to be thanks to one particularly spurned cyclist. After founder Jim McFarlane had his gear stolen during a year long trip abroad, he became disillusioned at the quality of equipment available to him overseas. Upon his return to Scotland, McFarlane made it his personal mission to produce clothing for cyclists that refused to scrimp on manufacturing, providing a product built to last for those who refuse to quit.

Initially delegating local clothing factories to produce their goods, Endura quickly realized the level of quality they demand isn't possible by letting others do your hard work for you. In-house production is paramount for these bicycle buffs, with any potential overseas workforce being personally vetted to not only ensure a quality that's consistent but to guarantee premium worker welfare. Endura's ethical attitude encompasses these ideals and practices, along with their desire to leave the smallest footprint on the environment possible.

Endura's catalog features a varied selection of durable attire, built from the latest technologies and straight from a think tank of passionate cyclists. Like seriously, you want to work for Endura and you aren't a cyclist? Hit the bricks, punk. This is a Cyclists Only club, proudly developing the best jackets, shorts and jerseys made by riders, for riders.

It's no surprise that Endura is the UK's largest cycling brand in the UK, and they're just getting started. With distribution quickly spreading across the globe, it won't be long before you'll be able to find the highest quality in cycling gear no matter where your trek takes you. And luckily for you, outfitting yourself with Endura is just a few clicks away.

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