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About Eider:

The mountains have always been a source of inspiration for Eider. It's easy to see why given that they started in the French Alps. For over forty years they have specialized in men's and women's outerwear that are understated and quietly bold.

Whether you describe yourself as a mountaineer, skier, freerider or simply an urbanite, Eider helps you to look good and feel good. The proof is in the details from their innovative materials that you can rely on even in most hostile of conditions to the meticulously clean cuts and designs. Their ski jackets have everything you could ever want while hitting the slopes such as superior ventilation for breathability, insulated, removable hood and powder skirt, extreme waterproof protection, zippered pockets, and the list goes on.

Still not satisfied? Well my friend, Eider has even more to offer you. For instance, the Shaper jacket offers a zip and collar that will protect you from the cold, snowy elements without you feeling like a zombie because of lack of movement. Their team (who are mountaineers, btw) spent years designing this bad boy because they know having full range of motion is extremely important whether you are trudging through sideways sleet on your way to work or you're fighting blizzard-like conditions on the mountainside.

Despite their technical wizardry in snow gear, the fit and function of their products are easy to use without any knick-knacks getting in the way making your adventure all the more enjoyable. Eider offers you functionality without compromising on style. Life on the mountains can't get much better than this.

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