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About Eddie Bauer First Ascent:

To know the Eddie Bauer Ascent Collection we first have to understand the history. Eddie Bauer was only 21 when he got his start in the outdoor industry as a small tennis repair shop in the back of a local hunting shop in downtown Seattle. However, had he not developed hypothermia on his fishing trip he may have still been sitting in that tennis shop. After getting hypothermia, Eddie Bauer worked to create a down jacket that would become durable, lightweight and warmer than the heavy wool garments that were currently being used.

From there, Eddie Bauer’s career took off. The company created a mail-order catalog, was the first to supply uniforms to the Army and even began creating storefronts. In 2009, Eddie Bauer debuted the First Ascent collection of backpacks, outerwear, and gear with the release of the film, Project Summit, in which world-class athletes summited Mount Everest to test the collection against Mother Nature. This collection was a total success and really helped to put Eddie Bauer back on the map.

The Eddie Bauer First Ascent collection features an assortment of backpacks for active users who like to ski, hike and rock climb among other things. Packs range from 18L to 55L and have key features like quick release tool straps for ice climbing or skiiing and hydration pack compatibility.

The collection doesn’t just feature backpacks, though. Customers will find that the Eddie Bauer First Ascent collection offers a multitude of both men and women’s outerwear such as gloves, pants, and jackets. Key pant features include durable stretch fabric and DWR leaving customers legs mobile and dry. As far as jackets go, customers can find key features such as DWR, RDS (responsible down standard) insulation and breathability.

The Eddie Bauer First Ascent collection was built on the idea of being durable yet comfortable in some of the most intense weather conditions. It was made for professional athletes but also for novices. This collection was made for the go-getters and the thrill-seekers. If you’re any of the above, then this collection was made for you.

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