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About Ecco Footwear:

Some companies don't need to tout their authenticity, it's apparent in all that they do. Ecco is one of those brands, and their strong affinity towards a storied heritage helps them stand out in a crowded industry. From the very beginning the Ecco brand has been devoted to providing its customers with the most reliable footwear possible, giving their design and manufacturing process a level of attention to detail that truly sets them apart.

Ecco is the culmination of one man's dream to run his own business and make his own shoe, doing both the best way possible. Karl Toolsby started the Ecco brand over fifty years ago, based in an empty factory in a small Danish town. Before long, operations spread internationally, with over 1 million pairs sold annually by 1982. Not bad for a company built from such humble beginnings.

The Ecco family has grown exponentially, with what was once a team of 16 currently standing at over 19,000 strong. Ecco remains proudly family owned and operated, with Karl Toolsby's daughter Hanni in charge for the last decade. Though these days the company spans the globe, spreading a sense of tight-knit is as important as ever, with Ecco hoping to include their patrons thanks to their dedication to excellence and transcendent customer service.

It sounds funny, but at Ecco the foot comes first. This is footwear designed with you in mind, expertly crafted to build the best shoes in the world.