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About Eagle Creek:

Eagle Creek started as a tiny band of idealists who frequently indulged in wanderlust. Eagle Creek's mission was to prove that travel didn't have to be one of the leading causes of chronic lower back pain; that travelers could visit remote parts of the world without giving up every bastion of civilization; and that all of this could be fun. Eagle Creek's simple mission statement that has them well for 30 years. Eagle Creek accessories have made the last 30 years of adventure travel a little easier than the first few thousand.

Eagle Creek believes in Karma and the philosophy of "What goes around, comes around." In the 30 years Eagle Creek has been in business Eagle Creek has gotten so much from the world; in experience, culture and good times. It's the least Eagle Creek can do to give a little bit back. In doing so, Eagle Creek has been active in some worthwhile things. Helping people to enrich their lives through education was Eagle Creek's mantra when they created the Children of Nepal Fund. With donations raised, Eagle Creek continues to help build schools for children of the Himalayas. Locally, Eagle Creek extended this value to the North San Diego County Food Bank, helping those less than fortunate families put food on their tables. Eagle Creek also understands, as fellow travelers, that they must be good stewards of their own backyard. Ensuring people have a wilderness to travel to, Eagle Creek supports the Outdoor Industry Conservation Alliance, The Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America, The Access Fund and Eagle Creek's President and founder also heads up The Escondido Creek Conservancy. Eagle Creek's travels have led them to many parts of this world where they are welcomed as guests and treated with respect. Being a good host, neighbor and friend to the community is perhaps the best way Eagle Creek can ensure that "What goes around, comes around."

Eagle Creek has taken all that Mother Earth can give and given it right back. Durable duffel bags. Comfortable backpacks. Organized totes. Sturdy luggage. And other Eagle Creek travel gear that you need before you even know you need them. Every single, solitary one has a lifetime guarantee. A lifetime spent in the hands of curious and adventurous souls.

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