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About Duluth Pack:

Here’s a brand so synonymous with their product, they just went ahead and named themselves after their handiwork. That’s like McDonald’s renaming themselves Burgers & Fries - which isn’t a horrible idea, you guys – and that sort of confidence is certainly well earned. With some of their first designs patented well over a century ago, you might be surprised to find out how little has changed at Duluth Pack.

Because why mess with a good thing? Apart from some minor tweaks thanks over time, what makes a Duluth pack great has stayed awfully consistent through the years. Originally built as a premium canoe pack for those in need of great gear on their camping trips, the first Duluth pack – made by Duluth Pack – mixed hand constructed canvas with a spacious interior, giving you plenty of room for the gear you need while enjoying the outdoors.

From the days of the frontier town to showing off downtown, Duluth Pack has given other brands claiming heritage a run for their money. No longer building bags exclusively for the outdoor crew, you’re bound to find a pack for whatever you might be up to. Book bags for the school crew, executive portfolio packs for the white collar crowd or the classic roll-tops for those set for adventure, Duluth Pack has a pack just for you. Unless you’re not really into packs at all, in which case, what are you doing here?