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About Drysuits:

If you’re one of those crazy cats who can’t be kept out of the water no matter the temperature then a drysuit is your new best friend. With a ski jacket-like fit, drysuits allow you to layer underneath for extra warmth and protection. And when normal wetsuits become restrictive due to extremely cold waters, a drysuit is the perfect solution to keep you active and moving. When you have the right suit and the right jacket, the opportunities are endless for adventure and fun, both in and out of the water.

From diving to winter paddle boarding, drysuits can be worn for a variety of activities. Even action photographers wear them on the job because of their protective shell properties without the skin-tight fit. Made from a variety of innovative materials, drysuits are constructed from vulcanized rubber, crushed or foam neoprene, and heavy-duty nylon. The neck and wrist areas are completely sealed and mirror your movements so you don’t have to worry about suit flooding. Plus, waterproof zippers ensure total leak-proof coverage.

Drysuits are available in jackets, pants and one-piece suits. Trusted brands such as NRS and Level Six have designed and tested these innovative water sports suits to make sure that you stay comfortable, warm and active, no matter the weathers conditions or temperatures. You can customize your level of protection and insulation while remaining completely dry. From kayaking to wakesurfing, paddle boarding to diving, drysuits are the ideal option.