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About Dry Ropes:

Did you ever see the movie The Prestige? If you have then you know how important it is to use dry ropes, because wet ones make it really difficult to escape from a tank of water. I don’t advise you tie yourself or any of your loved ones up and try to perform daring escapes, but if you do, you are definitely going to want to use dry ropes.

It turns out that dry ropes play as important a role in climbing as they do in the acts of escape artists. You have come to the right place if you are looking for all of the best ropes from the top brands in rock climbing. Dry ropes wetness resistance means that you are going to get less binding and a more streamlined climbing experience. They are also my ropes of choice when designing a makeshift rope bridge to go over my pool for punji stick battling.

When selecting ropes for a climbing expedition you need to be able to trust in your outfitter to supply you with ropes that aren’t just long and ropey, you need durability and resistance to abrasion to ensure that you are going to be as safe as possible. All of these ropes have been selected because they are the most trustworthy pieces of equipment we could find. Some of the candidates who tried to make it on to our list of dry ropes actually turned out to be twine, and one of them was actually a large pile of silly string. Luckily we are stalwart in our duty to weed out the lesser ropes so you only ever see the best and most reliable dry ropes that we can find.