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About Down Jackets:

Refuse to let less-than-ideal temperatures ruin your good time. Those looking to tackle cold weather will do it best clad in insulated jackets, able to fight the chill of winter with ease. But not just any type of insulation will do: Down insulation is the tried and true solution to building a better jacket, able to confidently face the outdoors and perform better than non-natural solutions. Why is down lining so preferable? We’re awfully glad you asked.

Down comes from the plumage of geese and ducks, and offers the best warmth to weight ratio compared to any other types of insulation. There might be other technologies out there getting close to matching these low-weight and heat retentive natural feathers, but for now, down is the best option for going lightweight and trapping as much heat as possible.

Also super notable about down: Not only is it lightweight and great at retaining heat, it's very compressible and able to hold its loft for a long time – maybe even years. This makes your jacket extremely convenient for hiking, backpacking, and all sorts of travel, allowing you to compress your jacket for easy storage.

But just because you’re getting in to tried-and-true old school down goodness doesn’t mean you have to sleep on any new, awesome improvements - this is the future, after all. Welcome in treated down, where all of the individual plumes are coated with a water-repellent treatment. This process helps to negate the effect that water has on down when it gets wet, and along with a waterproof outerlayer, your ability to be resistant to h2o will be achieved with ease.

Oh, and that whole fill value thing? It’s used to measure the quality of the down that is being used in the jacket, so the higher the fill value - the higher the quality of the down. The benefit of a higher quality down means that it will have a higher warmth to weight ratio than a jacket with a lower fill count, meaning if you want something super warm, the puffier the better. And really, who doesn’t want a nice, puffy coat? That’s right, no one.