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Light My Fire Spork 4 Pack

Light My Fire
Spork 4 Pack

$6.99   $9.99
30% off
Light My Fire Add-a-Twist
  • BLUE
  • PINK

Light My Fire

$27.99   $34.99
20% off
Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset

Snow Peak
Hybrid Trail Cookset

$47.99   $55.95
14% off
MSR Deep Dish Plate
  • GREY
  • BLUE
  • RED

Deep Dish Plate

$5.95 - $7.95
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Backpacking Dishes + Utensils

If you consider yourself a culinary camper, we have cookware that will knock the Mario Batali-esque orange crocs right off your feet. From collapsible sinks to polycarbonate sporks, your dining experience will easily be a five-star one. Or maybe four-and-three-quarter star. I think you need a quartet of violinists alongside a candle-lit table to be considered five-star.

For cutlery we have an assortment of perfectly packable eating utensils that are more than adequate for any outdoor adventure. MSR has a great selection of folding spoons, forks and knives if you're looking to optimize storage and be really cool as you flip your spoon open like it's a switch blade. Optimus and Snow Peak also have some nifty Titanium flatware that's superduper light, too.

Some products to fulfil your actual cooking needs include Snow Peak's cooking set, the MSR Alpine utensil set, complete with folding strainer/grater, spoon, and spatula that also has a serrated edge to cut through softer foods. The Sea to Summit Kitchen Kit is also a good choice if you're in the market for a bundle of cooking and eating-ware.