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About Diamondback Bikes:

You may have heard of Diamondback Bikes before. They’re pretty well known considering they were founded in 1977. However, what once started out only as a BMX brand has now diversified into what is seemingly everybody’s bike. From road bikes to trail bikes and kids to women’s bicycles, Diamondback is only short of two things: the unicycle and tricycle.

What do you get when you cross 40+ years of experience with passion and customer service? Reliable service and assistance when it comes to finding, building and fixing the right rig. Along with this, Diamondback has found one of the most important features for consumers: the perfect balance when it comes to affordable premium rides.

So let’s circle back to everybody’s bike. If you’re just starting out there’s no need to fret! Diamondback offers bikes for sale anywhere from $400 to $5,000 which leaves a lot of room to play with. Whether you’re looking for an introductory bike or the popular Sync’r Carbon, Diamondback provides a variety of bikes in classes such as road, trail, mountain, triathlon and more. What’s even cooler is that they not only have all of these classes, but they come in both men and women’s fit and sizes.