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About Deuter:

Since 1898, Deuter (pronounced doy-ter) backpacks have been comfortably and efficiently carrying the essentials and supplies. What started as nail bag and post sack supplier to the Bavarian Royal Mail has now grown into one of the most renowned outdoor gear brands in the world. Their backpacking and hiking backpacks are insanely comfortable, fit exceptionally well and provide excellent ventilation. From built-in sleeping bag compartments to women's specific fit, you'd be hard-pressed to find features that aren't available on these packs.

Deuter's hydration compatible hiking bags, backpacks, and luggage are some of the most technical on the market. Take their ACT Lite series for instance: not only is the pack itself lightweight but thanks to its back system, perspiration is reduced by 15%! The Kids' Comfort Pack series lets little ones enjoy the outdoors with mom and dad while they remain light on their feet and have quick access to essentials such as phones and keys.

Deuter definitely has a wealth of experience and creativity that they have built up over the many years of being in business. From consulting with top athletes to researching resource-efficient technologies, Deuter is dedicated to bringing you the best of the best in the most sustainable way possible. There's too much to see and do out there, so pack on up and get on out.

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