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About Hiking Daypacks:

When you head out on the trail for the day you want to make sure that you have all of the essentials with you which are why having a day hike pack as your companion is so important. Not only is it convenient to have one place to store all of your things, but in case you find yourself in a bind, it's nice to know that you can consult your compass, strap on your headlamp, or add some extra layers. Choosing a daypack can be overwhelming so let's boil it down a bit, shall we?

Finding the best day pack all depends on how it will be used. Will you be hiking trails for the day or working your upper body with rock climbing? Or maybe you prefer winter sports and plan on some ski touring? Possibly throw in a little trail running? And of course the obvious, will you be using it for travel and/or commuting purposes? From simple ripstop nylon fabric to compartments that feature all the bells and whistles such as trekking pole carry, each hiking daypack differs so you want to make sure that it meets all your current and future needs.

Regardless of what you're up to out there - and you can change your mind, we suppose - expect plenty of great tech to make sure all that great stuff and things of yours stay safe, no matter how much trouble you run across. Water resistant in case you end up stumbling into that lake that you totally should have avoided? Yeah, your pack will have you covered. Sure, you'll be soaked, but your stuff won't be.