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About Danner Work Boots:

Sure, you don’t need to be working while you wear a pair of Danner work boots – anything you’re up to could use the benefit of a decidedly rugged pair of boots. Hikes along that frozen creek? Maybe you prefer some sturdy footing while you’re doing some fly fishing? Or what if you just can’t wait to get to that square dancing class at the senior rec center – you’re covered for whatever it is you’re up to, with a big emphasis on that whatever.

These are boots that don’t just look the part, they walk the walk. Beyond durable and built tough as hell with extreme weatherproofing, walk into any storm with nary a worry over soaked socks. Take it a step further if you want, adding top-notch insulated lining so the cold sting of whatever-it-is-you’re-stepping-in never slows you down. All that killer waterproofing will never stand in the way of giving you a breathable wear, with first-rate Gore-Tex keeping the bad stuff out while being sure to never let you overheat.

Add to that some steadfast stability and you have a boot that quite literally will work as hard as you need it to – these are work boots after all, and while we’re firm on that whole not needing to wear them to work thing, that’s where they’ll excel. Vibram outsoles promote an unparalleled level of stability, and couldn’t we all use some quality shock absorption when we’re getting down to the nitty gritty? That’s what we thought. What is a nitty gritty exactly? We may never know for sure, but one thing is clear – you’re ready for it.