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Danner Hiking Boots and Footwear at Moosejaw.com


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About Danner Boots:

A product built to last, by a company that’s sure to stand the test of time. Superior craftsmanship is the most important aspect of the Danner brand, ensuring every boot produced is ready to handle whatever the outdoor world will throw its way. Prime attention to detail is paramount here, a tradition that’s been in place for decades.

Founded in 1932, Charles Danner put his name and reputation behind a product he knew would strike a chord with the public, regardless of the economy he was entering. His belief, that a dedication to providing a quality product should stand above all else, still rings true today. This credo helped propel his company to the high regard it deserves, with a firm understanding that their product is only as good as the worker who makes it.

These days, the boots produced are as robust as their clientele, providing footwear for a myriad of functions and occupations alike. Whether you’re looking to slip into a pair of hiking boots to tackle the fresh spring countryside, hoping to get sturdy footing on with a dependable pair of work boots or ones that demand the best in a military setting, Danner’s versatility in rugged footwear is well-known.

This is rich tradition against modern technologies. That means your Danner boots hold the classic aesthetic you’ve always appreciated against the newest tech giving you a lighter and stronger product than ever before. With Danner, you know what you’re getting: A boot strong enough to match your ambition. Get ready to lace up and head out.

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